As a beginner skater, I wanted to buy a pair of ice hockey skates than rent those dirty skates provided at the rink. Who doesn’t? 🙂


I knew some of the good name brands were Bauer, CCM and Easton and a quick search of them came up with pretty high prices for a beginner to jump into. Not good…. so my search continued.


I went through a whole bunch of discount hockey equipment sites… not really good or good but no sizes. Eventually, I found out Amazon sold Bauer’s entry models at around a reasonable $65-$80 (including shipping). The Supreme 140 model seemed like a good start to begin with. I couldn’t find reasonable prices for CCM nor Easton.


Bauer Supreme S140 Senior Ice Hockey Skates


Still looking for a better price, my search ended at Modell’s Sporting Goods. They sold the Bauer Supreme 140 at $59.99 and on top of that, a 30 minute 15% discount code was provided. Also to get free shipping, I added socks for $9.99, taking out the shipping and paid $59.64 for the skates AND socks (free shipping, plus tax) on the order.


If you are looking for beginner skates and don’t want to spend too much on it, I think the Bauer Supreme Skates are a good start, since their recreational skates are not available anymore, and are priced reasonably. If you want to purchase them, you can drop by a nearby Modell’s store to try the size out and even order it online to get a better deal!


Some beginner purchase tips:

Small kids should be looking at the Youth models. Regular kids the Junior models and Senior models from teenagers and up.

Skate size should be 1 to 1-1/2 smaller than your foot size. I wear a shoe size of 9.5 or 10 but have slightly wider feet so I purchased a size 9 skate. I could fit my foot in a size 8 but it felt too snug. A size 9 felt would be better especially if I wore a bit thicker socks.



This Canadian Hockey Store sells brand name ice skates at pretty low prices… youth/junior brand name skate prices are excellent. Instead of spending $45-65 on a no name skate at a local store, you can get a CCM or Reebok for $29.99 plus $13.99 shipping, about $44.o0 total! Site:    Enter your skate size in the search box to find your skates! (ex. 4D)


Hope this helps. If you know any good places to buy ice skates at a great price, let us know!!!