My mother visited our house in New York a couple of weeks ago. She hadn’t seen the city in a long time (20 years) so I made up a quick plan to tour around the city and wanted to go up high. The 2 best views are from the Empire State Building and the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller Center) and we chose the less crowded Rockefeller Center.

Obviously, I didn’t want to waste time in long lines to get our tickets, so naturally I searched a few places to buy tickets and I am glad I did as I found a couple ways for discounts.

First of all, instead of booking through the official Rockefeller website, booking at gave me a good $5.01 off the regular $25 admission for adults. The next one I found was a promotion code for “liking” on Facebook. “fbsave” was the code for an additional $5 off the bill. [Note: Viator requires a booking at least one day in advance]

For a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children above age 5) the standard price is $50 + $32 = $82. Through Viator, the price drops to $65.69 and with the additional 5% off discount code, the final price (less tax) comes to $62.66. A total of $20 savings!

If you happen to purchase tickets on the spot, make sure to use the ticket booth outside the main building around the skating rink. The lines inside the building are much longer. Online tickets are, of course, the best way to get them. seem to take pride in its lowest ticket prices so I’m pretty sure I’ll check them out the next time I buy a ticket for any major tourist attraction.