When you’re in the financing office signing off for your new Honda, you will be asked if you want to purchase Honda Care. Here are 3 important tips you need to know about Honda Care before you buy it!


You can purchase Honda Care from any Honda dealership

Your Honda Care warranty is honored at all Honda service centers. You do NOT have to purchase your Honda Care from the dealership you bought your car. (unless you wish to add that to your Honda financing). Still, if you know you can get the exact same Honda Care for much lower elsewhere, your dealership will bring down their prices a lot, trying to match it. (my dealership asked for $2,800 for the 8 year 120k mile coverage, then $2,000 and was eventually offered $1,450 when I told them I was expecting closer to $1,000. I declined their offer.)


You can purchase Honda Care anytime within 6,000 miles on your car

Your dealership may deceive you by saying that this will be the only chance to purchase Honda Care. This is not true and shame on you for lying to your own customers.


These are the best 3 online sites where you can get the lowest prices and purchase Honda Care