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Where to Buy Discount Ice Skates for Beginners

As a beginner skater, I wanted to buy a pair of ice hockey skates than rent those dirty skates provided at the rink. Who doesn’t? 🙂   I knew some of the good name brands were Bauer, CCM and Easton and a quick search of them came up with pretty high prices for a beginner to jump into. Not good…. so my search continued.   I went through a whole bunch of discount hockey equipment sites… not really good or good but no sizes. Eventually, I found out Amazon sold Bauer’s entry models at around a reasonable $65-$80 (including...

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California Air Tools 5510SE 5.5 Gallon 1.0HP Ultra Quiet Air Compressor for $131.74

Here is my quick review of the ultra quiet California Air Tools 5510SE 5.5 Gallon 1.0HP air compressor. This is now sold at Home Depot for $131.74. A really good price for a quiet compressor. As a general use home air compressor, it does a great job inflating all sort of tires and air blowing dust of when cleaning, all at a low hum. Pair it with a long rubber air compressor hose and you have a convenient air compressor system.   Will add some picture later. 🙂 [Update: Walmart has it for $127.90]

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Save Money by Avoiding Theft (My Story of Theft in Paris)

During my trip in Paris, I had my 7″ Android tablet stolen right before my eyes. I was at lunch at a Japanese restaurant with a friend of mine and left the tablet at the right corner of the table. A little towards the end of my meal, a small girl peeked in the window in front of me. Of course, I had no suspicion. A few seconds later one small girl and someone else behind me entered and laid out some kind of advertisements on top of the table on our left and right. I raised my hand to show we had no interest and they left soon with the restaurant people telling them to leave. We started to discuss about theft in Paris and that was when I turned my eyes to my tablet and it was gone! The kid behind me covered my tablet with his ad and took it with him as he left! I jumped out right away and checked left and right from the entrance and could see the group about 150ft away. I rushed to catch up with them (there were about 5 and 2 of them were gone soon). I roughly remembered the 2 girls so I caught them first but they did not run or seemed anxious at all to be caught. However, there was this boy in front of...

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Best Place to Exchange Cash Currency (USD to EUR) in Paris

I needed to exchange 1,000 USD into EURs during my trip in Paris. Exchanging cash in Paris can be very tricky as each exchange place has their own rates and can charge you additional fees and bogus taxes to your already not-so-good exchange rates. I called around a few places and came up with the following cash exchange rates on July 2nd, 2012. (Googled exchange rate for the day was at 1 U.S. dollar = 0.790701352 Euros)   1. Change et Collection – The Best  (Website Name – Yes Change) : About $949.70 EUR for $1,000.00 USD in 2017, rate:...

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How to Save on Admission to the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller Observation Deck Discount)

My mother visited our house in New York a couple of weeks ago. She hadn’t seen the city in a long time (20 years) so I made up a quick plan to tour around the city and wanted to go up high. The 2 best views are from the Empire State Building and the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller Center) and we chose the less crowded Rockefeller Center. Obviously, I didn’t want to waste time in long lines to get our tickets, so naturally I searched a few places to buy tickets and I am glad I did as...

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